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Wildscreen 2018

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Brad Bestelink and Andy Crawford attending Wildscreen

This past week NHFU had the privilege of attending the Wildscreen festival in Bristol. Founder and Director Brad Bestelink lead the way along side his wife Andy Crawford (Co-founder/Head of Production). The teams field producer and cameraman Alex Cooke also attended. This year the team’s arrival was coincided by the premier showing of NHFU’s next upcoming film The Flood. The team was featured on multiple panels, including the follow up to the flood Q&A, and an environmental sustainability talk.

Brad Bestelink on Q&A for The Flood

The film is based around the great event that occurs once every year in Botswana; the flooding of the Okavango Delta. Narrated by the Golden Globe-wining and Academy Award-nominated Angela Bassett the two-hour natural history special will air on National Geographic on Sunday, Nov. 25 at 8/7c.

The story holds a sentimental place within NHFU as this area is the birthplace and home of director Brad Bestelink. This knowledge and intimacy of the events becomes evident as the story unfolds.

“Surrounded by the unforgiving Kalahari Desert, the Okavango Delta is a lush, vibrant oasis that pulses with life each year as the great flood rejuvenates the land with the return of water. Witness how incredible animals – like leopards, elephants, lions, hippos and more – adapt to this unpredictable and changing landscape. When the lands are flooded, the Okavango Delta is both a sanctuary and a trap, giving and taking life in equal measure. Then, like a living, breathing ecosystem, the waters soon recede and life becomes about one thing – survival. The fate of the tens of thousands of animals that live in this place of spectacular natural drama is at stake.”


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