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Environmental Policy

Mission Statement

The Natural History Film Unit Botswana, not only strives to be a leader in wildlife filming by implementing new cutting edge technology and filming techniques to create powerful, driving films, but also strives to be a leader in green filming. In order to do this the NHFU has committed to implementing green production strategies and filming practices


NHFU is committed to taking responsibility for the short and long term implications of decisions across the filming establishment. We strive to build a company that is continually improving our environmental performance and endeavour to benchmark our success to that above or equal to similar companies. NHFU is committed to:

  • Developing and implementing appropriate environmental systems, programmes; and training and safeguarding they are effectively executed within the company.

  • Actively be involved in recycling programs at all locations where the unit operates, including in all film vehicles, offices and staff housing.

  • Managing wastes, and eliminating the waste of foodstuffs by implementing a strictly managed food rations whilst in the field, including composting of materials where applicable.

  • Promoting awareness across the company, collaborating and building environmental principles and accountability for the environment.

  • Elimination of all unnecessary plastics within the company through the use of reusable bags and the purchase of loose fresh foods though local plastic free means.

  • Use only reusable cookery.

  • Reducing electricity consumption by implementing energy efficient LED lights in all office areas and staff housing areas.

  • Reduce fuel consumption by sleeping in the vehicles and in turn reduce carbon footprint by zero use of electricity and facilities.

  • Be water conservative through limiting usage for necessity only.

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