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Passion drives what the people of the NHFU do. We have carefully chosen our team based on a unique combination of skills and experience, and most importantly a reverence and respect towards wildlife and the natural world. We create beautiful, truthful, real and above all honest documentaries about the wildlife of Botswana. We will continue to reach out beyond the borders of Botswana to teach people about the importance of remaining connected to nature, and to show how wildlife is a source of inspiration and delight.

The NHFU has several permanent camera crews, all armed with the state of the art RED 8K cameras, to capture the very best of our natural world. NHFU also uses a variety of specialist film equipment, including Phantom 4K FLEX, SHOTOVER F1 & G1 gimbal, Intuitive Aerial Newton gimbal, DJI Drones, night cameras, underwater housings and a submersible remotely operated vehicle.

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