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We are hugely excited to announce that our latest film ‘Surviving Paradise: A Family’s Tale’ will be coming to your screens on March 3rd. Released on Netflix, this launch date coincides with World Wildlife Day, a day in which we celebrate the wilderness that remains in our ever-changing planet and pledge to do more to protect it. Set here in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, this film has been a labour of love for over two-years – much of which was dominated by a global pandemic!

Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale. Coming to your screens on March 3rd! Property of Netflix.

Constantly shifting and changing, no two-years in the Okavango are ever the same. From the devastating drought of 2019 that saw the Delta turn to dust, to the fantastic flood of 2020 and the epic rainfall of 2021 that brought it back to life, Surviving Paradise celebrates the Okavango in all its glory and diversity. For its residents, the Okavango is both a bountiful and brutal place. Taking centre stage in Surviving Paradise are some of Africa’s most iconic animals. Their stories are woven into the fabric of the Okavango, just as the Okavango, in its ever-dynamic state of flux, changes with them. From every plant eaten to every prey killed, and every one of these majestic animals born or lost, each individual leaves their mark on this unique corner of the world.

Hannah Gormley driving Brad Bestelink, using the F1 Shotover and a RED Helium to film clouds of locusts. Image property of Netflix (NHFU/Liz Johnston).

Most importantly, we hope that this film inspires you. It is so easy to assume that on this rapidly changing planet that it is too late to do anything to save it. But it isn’t. If you need just one reason to hope, then know that we are so proud that Botswana, the country that we call home, has preserved 41% of its landmass for wildlife conservation. Witnessing the unparalleled beauty of the Okavango and its inhabitants from the comfort of your sofa, you see first-hand what is at stake if it disappears. This World Wildlife Day, instead of reflecting on what is already lost, let's change the narrative to what is left to save.

Regé-Jean Page, star of Netflix's Bridgerton, narrating Surviving Paradise. Image property of Netflix.

We hope Surviving Paradise galvanises you to take action, no matter how big or how small, to save what wild corners of the world we have left – with your help, anything is possible. So, tune in with us on March 3rd, and be sure to let us know what you think. With the dream-team of producer and director Renée Godfrey overseeing the project, Brad Bestelink as director of photography guiding the creative process from the field, and the dulcet tones of Bridgerton’s star Regé-Jean Page narrating, Surviving Paradise is set to blow you away.

Growing up, I was constantly watching old VHS tapes. Now, being the person behind the camera is a surreal experience and beautiful transition. I hope I can inspire the next generation of conservation storytellers, just as these films inspired me” Seetsele Nthomiwa, cinematographer at NHFU. NHFU/Hannah Gormley.

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