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Updated: Mar 12, 2019

The beginning of 2019 brought new additions to our crew, to our equipment and a new set of skills to the NHFU team. Early this year the team excitedly awaited the arrival of our new SHOTOVER G1 gimbal system, to add to our existing SHOTOVER F1. Four of our senior cameramen undertook the SHOTOVER operator and technician course for both the F1 and G1 systems.

The NHFU Crew and G1 Specialist

The G1 is a lightweight, gyro-stabilized gimbal platform that is ideal for mounting on almost any type of vehicle. It was a perfect match for NHFU as we have always strived as a company to keep one step ahead of technology and deliver a new unique perspective on wildlife. The SHOTOVER systems allow us to capture moving shots from vehicle, helicopter or boat and it provides one of the most unique perspectives as they can be used at ground level or for aerials. Our new addition allows for a permanent SHOTOVER presence in the field, as its lightweight simplicity is perfect for our mode of operations.

SHOTOVER F1 and G1 Mounted on our signature Zebra Cruiser

The G1 was brought over by one of the specialist G1 Technicians from the US, and the crew was set to begin their certification on both SHOTVER F1 and G1 gimbal. The team went through the rigorous process of assembling, balancing, and troubleshooting both pieces of equipment.

Removing the Payload from the F1

Once the team was ready for their first test run, they soon realized there was one problem. The training course was located at our home office, where wildlife was not easily accessible. Nominating one of our faithful cameramen to pose as a subject gave the team some practice, lots of laughs, and a bit of exercise for our volunteer.

We are proud to say all four cameramen received their certification. NHFU is now fully prepared for whatever the future may bring us, and will continue to push the boundaries of wildlife filming. We look forward to continuing our partnership with SHOTOVER and are excited to see what is next in store.


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