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Mombo 2017

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

A Wilderness concession bursting with life; Mombo never fails to astound all who visit this midpoint of the delta. The concession is an incredibly diverse habitat, from open marshland to towering forests, supporting a plethora of species in an area that ebbs and flows between life and death.

Due to an ever present supply of water from the duet that is the opposing flood water and rainy season, Mombo supports a large density of predators, giving the NHFU team a rollercoaster ride of action all year round.

Cheetah cubs enjoy the warmth from the morning sun after a cold winters night.

2017 was littered with baby animals. Cheetahs, leopards, lions and even wild dogs managed to successfully raise their offspring, providing Mombo with a new generation of characters to thrill and amaze. NHFU was lucky enough to witness this growth, and capture these tender moments as they unfolded.

Young Wild Dog pups hassle a pack member for food as it returns to the den from a kill.

The wild dog puppies were a source of pure joy for all who witnessed their boisterous antics. Sustaining the appetites of eight hungry new mouths would also be a challenge for the pack, giving the team the opportunity to follow them as they reigned terror over the southern reaches of the concession.

A pride of lions rise from their slumber.

When the darkness takes hold of Mombo each night, the eerie sounds of hyena cackling fill the air. This unmistakeable, evocative call helps inform our cameramen of the violence that unfolded each night. As lions roar in response it is hard to sleep with senses heightened.

The distinctive shape of "Baobab Bob" was a constant form in the night sky throughout the seasons.

Baobab "Bob" breaks the horizon as a trail of stars circle around it in the night sky.

As the stars turn overhead the landscape continues to fluctuate. The blue sky gives way to clouds and rain begins to fall again, pooling in the dry, sandy recesses that dot the land. Life returns to the vegetation that had been scorched by the hard dry season and a sigh of relief is expressed by this place of plenty.


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