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Here Comes the Flood

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

The NHFU team welcomes the new flood water to the Okavango delta.

As the clouds begin to disperse from overhead, Botswana is finally met with blue skies. These clear skies bring with them a nip in the air as autumn is now upon us. For the residents of the Okavango delta this means one major event is on the horizon; the arrival of the flood.

The Okavango's story begins in Angola where the rain water starts to collect, beginning its long journey south. In Angola the water forms a river who’s downhill path takes it through three countries eventually dispersing into the heart of Botswana’s Kalahari.

As the water winds its way through Angola south, the river forms part of the border between Angola and Namibia, crossing into Botswana through the Caprivi strip. The flood finally discharges into an endorheic basin, fanning out to form the Okavango Delta.

The Okavango Basin is the largest freshwater wetland in Southern Africa, providing Botswana with one of the richest biodiverse ecosystems in the world.

Eager to document the arrival of the new water, the NHFU crew travelled north to the Mombo concession to greet the new season and document the dry veins of the Okavango delta filling with this precious resource.

The story of the rain begins as it falls to the ground over 1000 km away in Angola and slowly meanders along the ancient delta channels. This journey of the water, as the small streams turn into flooded channels following the path of least resistance, is an incredible story to witness. The water is an all consuming force. Insects and reptiles scurry away from the imminent flow, and the dusty footprints of Mombo's wildlife dissolve into pools of tannin rich water.

It is not only the NHFU team that are drawn to see this new flow of water. A bustle of animals of all sizes are eager to enjoy this lifeblood of the ecosystem.

The Okavango delta is home to the world’s largest remaining elephant populations.

The flood is now in full swing, and winter is finally upon us. The days begin to shorten and the chill in the air now grabs hold of all who call the delta home. The Cameramen are relieved to finally see the end of the unbearably hot summer days, even if it makes getting up in the now freezing mornings that much harder.


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