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Savage Kingdom Season 3

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Savage Kingdom is back with a vengeance. Featuring a whole new cast of characters and a new location, Savage Kingdom Season 3 takes its viewers to one of the Delta’s most premier locations, Mombo. Situated in the heart of Botswana’s Delta, this Wilderness Safari Concession consists of 45,000 hectares and is located on Chiefs Island. Long known as “The Place of Plenty” this area is well known as one of Wilderness’ flagship destinations. This area boasts enormous predator populations making it an ideal filming location for this new season.

Founded in 1991, Mombo quickly established a unique relationship between humans and the natural world, allowing more intimate interactions between the two. A safe haven for wildlife, it was the first concession to successfully introduce populations of both black and white rhino in the Delta. The beautiful interior consists of Mopane woodlands, with belts of Kalahari sand running throughout. Upon reaching the edges of the concession the terrain changes to vast seasonal floodplains bordered by date palm islands and old ebony riverine forests.

With the arrival of the great flood each year Mombo turns into an isolated island surrounded by water. This flooded wonderland causes the confinement of predator species creating an atmosphere of tension and conflict for our characters of Savage Kingdom.

Savage Kingdom Season 3 airs April 7th on National Geographic at 10pm ET USA.


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